The first Monday of September is the day we’re meant to pay tribute to American workers.



Labor Day is the annual celebration of workers and their achievements. The first celebration took place on September 5, 1882, when 10,000 unpaid workers took time off to march in a New York City parade. Labor Day then became a national holiday, just over a decade later.

While a day most of us recognize as the end of white and summer, and the beginning of fall and seasonal sales, it was originally recognized as an industrial occasion. Back in the 1880’s, the Central Labor Union urged organizations in cities across the county to follow in New York’s footsteps and celebrate a “workingman’s holiday”.

To this day, New York still marches strong in celebration. Every year, they hold a NYC Labor Day parade.



In our home base of Chicago, we also know how to turn up for the holiday weekend. This year, our city celebrates with the 38th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival, welcoming urban musicians from across the country.

Chicago is a city that’s rich in both industry and history. This year, Take Ten Designs wants to celebrate the holiday weekend by thanking and honoring the many diverse, hardworking men and women of Illinois who manufacture our high quality products. Our loungers, ottomans, pillows and dog beds would not be possible without such a dedicated team effort!



We also want to thank anyone else who may be reading this for your hard-working contributions to our country, economy and society. We wish you a great Monday off, filled with comfort and relaxation! Remember to take ten to be in your element.