At Take Ten Designs, we’re all about urban comfort furniture. Not only do we take immense pride in our loungers, ottomans and pillows, we also take pride in our eye for design. When we see a visually stunning room on Instagram or Pinterest, we soak it in – and our minds begin to assess which of our pieces would seamlessly fit in and make the room just that much more special.

Employing that love of design, we’ve created the following list of 10 interior designers to watch in 2016 (in no particular order) who take urban comfort to an entirely new level. We believe these men and women – and their teams – offer creativity, sophistication and personalization and are bright stars in the urban jungle of design.

1. Jersey Ice Cream Co.

With their rustic creativity and gorgeous outcomes, Tara Mangini and Percy Bright – the duo who make up Jersey Ice Cream Co. – bring the past to life with modern comfort.

Similar to method actors, the pair moves in to their project in order to connect and observe all aspects of the home. From natural lighting to original flooring, they allow the home to guide them along the renovation. We think it’s a truly unique road for interior design, and for Jersey Ice Cream Co., it works. 

Designed and photographed by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

The color palette of products from our Wave Collection would match this living area perfectly. A couple of Wave throw pillows and a lounger could help create a similar chill ambiance in your home. (Designed and photographed by Jersey Ice Cream Co.)


2. Garrison Hullinger

Portland-based interior designer Garrison Hullinger and his team pride themselves on creating functional, contemporary and warm environments.

Whether a new build, a remodel or simply applying the finishing touches, we think his final outcomes are both stunning and liveable. We appreciate the neutral tones and his use of natural elements like wood to beautifully piece together a room – down to the last detail.

Room design by Garrison Hullinger

We can picture a pillow or pouf ottoman from our Jungle Collection matching perfectly with this gorgeous room’s color palette. (Room design by Garrison Hullinger; photograph by Blackstone Edge.)


3. Fluff

This interior design firm out of Omaha, Nebraska, is made up of a small group of women who collectively have more than 50 years of design experience.

Merging modern styles and colors with the client’s needs, Fluff prides itself on creating a home that is not only beautiful to look at, but comfortable to live in. We love the company’s use of bright colors and natural elements to create a cozy and contemporary space. 

Space designed by Fluff Interior Design

The reds and charcoals from our Lava Collection and the blue tones from Wave would help recreate the look and feel of this contemporary bedroom. (Space designed by Fluff Interior Design.)


4. Ryan White

Los Angeles-based interior designer Ryan White conceives sophisticated and comfortable designs that showcase a home’s – and homeowner’s – personality.

With one-of-a-kind handmade furniture and original photographer, we feel his distinctinve talent is reflected in all aspects of a room; truly turning an urban space into a home. He uses layering and vibrant colors to add a personal touch to his understated and comfortable interiors in the urban areas of Southern California and elsehwere.

Designed by Ryan White

(Designed by Ryan White.)


5. Angie Hranowsky

It’s no wonder that Angie Hranowsky’s interior designs offer up a bit of Southern charm.

Based in Charleston – where traditional style is the norm – she is fearless when it comes to color. And we love it! From daring patterns to striking showpieces, we can appreciate the confident use of color used in appealing and sometimes-unusual combinations. It is Southern hospitality blended with personalized urban comfort, creating a most unique and luxurious atmosphere.

(Screenshot from Angie Hranowsky.)


6. William Wick

Using his love of travel and architecture, William Wick’s designs are embedded in nature while serving up modern, bold and contemporary rooms.

The San Francisco-based designer creates serenity within a given space, and we appreciate how his designs encompass a homeowner’s personal style and a home’s urban vibe. And if he can’t find the perfect piece to complement a room, he’ll create it himself.

Room by Wick Design

We may be slightly biased, but next time he can’t find the perfect piece of urban comfort furniture, something from our Jungle Collection might be a match. Our collection’s color palette would flow seamlessly into many of his designs. (Room by Wick Design.)


7. Jane Lockhart

Canadian-based interior designer Jane Lockhart combines modern style and elegance, creating visually stunning and livable rooms.

Of her extensive portfolio, we found it difficult to choose simply one photo that grabbed our attention – because they all did. Her use of color sets a room’s ambiance and her modern spaces use just the right amount of furniture and other details. Whether the client’s final outcome is traditional or modern, the designs are exuding grace and sophistication.

Room designed by Jane Lockhart, Principal Designer, Jane Lockhart Interior Design ( Photography, Brandon Barré (

This particular living area is the perfect match for some throw pillows from our Jungle Collection. (Room designed by Jane Lockhart, Principal Designer, Jane Lockhart Interior Design; Photography by Brandon Barré.)


8. Traci Connell

Merging clean lines with classic design, Dallas-based interior designer Traci Connell creates rooms with texture and flair.

We find her splashes of color and use of various patterns appealing. Her artistic interiors are not only strikingly elegant, but offer the urban comfort sought by many homeowners. Using layering techniques, she applies color, texture and shape to create beautiful and functional living spaces. We also take note of some of the unique pieces – like the “hand” stands – she uses.

Designed by Traci Connell

With its color palette, we can picture one or two of our Cosmos Collection pillows looking gorgeous in this living room. (Designed by Traci Connell.)


9. Ashley Darryl

Creatively mixing patterns, textures and vintage items puts Ashley Darryl on our list.

The Manhattan interior designer blends styles to create chic, urban spaces with comfort in mind. Her eye for perfectly matching classic to contemporary allows her to craft sophisticated and one-of-a-kind looks that help each room tell a story. We believe her rooms are not only beautiful, but are immersed in comfort while maintaining the modern and metropolitan feel that we appreciate.

Room by Ashley Darryl

(Room by Ashley Darryl.)


10. Jason Martin

With his mix of styles and understanding of architecture, Los Angeles-based designer Jason Martin produces beautiful urban comfort.

We are fans of his crisp and personalized spaces. Not only are the color schemes exquisite, but they’re the kind that will remain fresh through various seasons of style. His use of various patterns and textures – from throw rugs to walls – just adds the perfect tailored touch.

Room designed by Jason Martin

To create this comfortable urban feel in gray and blue tones, try a lounger, ottoman or throw pillow from our Cloud Collection. (Room designed by Jason Martin.)