We believe that elements can inspire your interior design in multiple ways - organic materials, textures, colors, vibes, etc. It can be as simple as incorporating a single accent, or as complex as using a combination of these “elements”.

With 2016 just a few days away, we thought it appropriate to provide suggestions on how you can bring even more of your favorite element(s) into your home to make it feel new, and represent more of who you are! Here are 10 element-inspired decorating ideas we think are modern, sophisticated, and just super awesome:

1. Lava Rock Wall 


This bathroom is from a home in Hawaii. The rocks on the wall are actual lava rock, which makes this idea quite literal. These rocks create a stunning accent wall, well complemented by the natural lighting and shuttered wood doors.

Lava rock is surprisingly accessible, and can be ordered from many landscaping stores that sell outdoor renovation materials. Large rocks for will inevitably cost more, but you can order smaller rocks in bulk for indoor, garden and fire pit usage. Even just filling a decorative bowl with lava rock would add a unique, natural touch to your bathroom.


2. Edgy Creative Atmosphere


This contemporary home theater is from a residence in Auburn. We think it’s super sexy, and embodies the “Lava” vibe in a number of ways. Its black walls and mood lighting play well with the ash gray couch and floor, helping to make the deep red ottoman a focal point. The brick accent wall adds more of a “rock” touch, while the wall art helps it to feel even more like a masculine, creative space.

The only thing that would make this room even hotter is using our Magma Red Lava pouf ottomans, instead of this traditional one. The color is similar, but the pitted rock texture of our fabric would add some subtle detail.  


3. Beach & Surf Accents


Billabong’s Men’s Suite, located in Laguna Beach, was designed by Rona Graf and Stephanie Fryer of Grace Blu Designs. The design scheme utilizes a mix of interior decorating elements to pull off a cozy, masculine, ultra-hip bedroom. 

Natural wood and plasters can give your room an organic feel, while staging to make the most of angles can give it a great flow. But what really bring a room to life are its creative accents. A decorated surfboard, some driftwood, or some beach posters or wall prints can be easy enough for anyone to use.


4. Summer Home Atmosphere


This modern New York summer home was designed by Austin Patterson Disston Architects. It features a chic, contemporary design that emphasizes blues, shapes, and natural light.

Similar to the “Edgy Creative Atmosphere”, this living room is all about ambiance and color palette. It embodies summertime; inspiring both fun and relaxation through cool tones and an open atmosphere. The only thing this room needs to be fully outfitted is a few more Pacific Blue pillows from our Wave Collection and an Atlantic Blue lounger.


5. Grayscale City Apartment


There’s nothing that screams “Cloud” quite like a minimalist, grayscale apartment in the sky.

This New York space offers a more literal elemental experience, being so high up. Its fog gray, storm gray and blue tones play well with the natural light shining through the window. The soft white rug makes the room even more comfortable, adding some “stratus” pattern and texture. If only they had opted for our 60” Storm Gray lounger, instead of this modern sectional.


6. Neutral & Textured


This bedroom makes unique use of subtle textures and neutral tones. In fact, no two fabrics or surfaces share the same texture! Natural light plays well here too, adding mild shadows to create further dimension and accentuate design intricacies.


7. Earth Tones & Animal Motifs


This is a renovated Spanish bungalow in Seattle. The green and brown tones feel rich, grounded and organic. The natural hardwood ceiling, flooring, and concrete foundation wall make this space contemporary and inspired. 

Using wall prints and sculptures of horses evokes more of the Spanish feel – though Zebras would certainly make it more “Jungle”. One of our 60” Moss Green loungers (instead of just the sectional couch) would make it more Jungle, tool.


8. Party Animal Design


Trinity Hall’s basement/game room is super wild, and perfectly designed for party animals! It doesn’t match our Jungle Collection in palette, but it does match our collection in spirit! 

An opposing view of the room further demonstrates why we like it so much – you could fill up the entire back half with pillows and loungers! Or if nothing else, you could replace the red floor pillow in the stairway nook with a Java Brown Jungle lounger (or Magma Red Lava lounger, if you like the red).




9. Metal Paneling


Featured in Portlandia, the “Eyebrow House” features unique galvanized metal arches. It offers a futuristic, “spaceship” feel inside, which we think is both “Cosmo” and “Cosmos”. We also think an Atmospheric Black lounger and ottoman would be much more comfortable than that burnt orange chair in the back.


10. Starry Night Ceiling


This bedroom is out of this world! The ceiling and walls are reflective, giving the illusion that the lights – “stars” – go on forever. LED string lights can provide a similar effect (for a fraction of what this probably cost to install). Using black window shades will also make any indoor lighting seem more radiant, in general.