Maybe you’re considering buying a bean bag chair for someone, or maybe you’re just looking for an awesome gift idea. Either way, a Take Ten lounger is the obvious choice. Here’s why:


1. Take Ten loungers are unique and personal.


Gifting someone with a Take Ten lounger shows that you “get” them.

Unlike other bean bag chairs, each Take Ten lounger cover comes embroidered with a designer collection logo flap. This logo flap adds a special, unique touch, symbolizing both personality and collection. When you give someone a Take Ten lounger, you’re letting them know you understand who they are and who they’re not – through color, texture, and concept.


2. A Take Ten lounger allows you to get away, without actually having to go anywhere.


To be in your element is to be in your “happy place”. People go to different places to feel happy, escape stress, and relax. But between work, school, maintaining a social life, and everything else in between, we struggle to take enough time for ourselves.

That’s why Take Ten loungers are so special. They bring more of someone’s “happy place” into their home, and allow them to take ten to be in their element on a daily basis.


3. Take Ten loungers are high quality.



Each Take Ten lounger is manufactured with precision in Chicago, and comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Each lounger is stuffed with premium furniture foam, which conforms to anyone’s shape. Lounger covers feature double topstitched seams, which provide a finished, modern appearance. Lounger covers come standard with rugged carrying handles and a gliding jumbo zipper for easy removal.

All lounger covers are made from upholstery-grade fabric. All select fabrics are stain-resistant, pet hair-resistant, and machine-washable, ensuring each lounger can withstand the urban elements.




4. Take Ten loungers are super comfortable.


Enough said.


5. Kids love Take Ten loungers.


Kids love Take Ten loungers for their fun fabric textures, bright colors, and fitted size. They love lounging while reading, playing video games or guitar, hanging out with friends, or watching TV!  

The 30” and 40” loungers are ideal for toddlers, kids and teens. Both of these loungers are sized to conveniently fit into any bedroom or play room. These loungers are also lightweight, which make moving them into other rooms easy. And with multiple covers, kids can easily change their lounger color as fast as their tastes change (or even depending on what room they’re in).


6. Adults love Take Ten loungers, too.


Adults prefer Take Ten loungers for a variety of reasons. They love Take Ten loungers because of their sophisticated design, lush lounging experience, softness, and overall versatility. They also prefer Take Ten loungers over other bean bag chairs because of their durability and easy maintenance. Plus, loungers are filled with foam… so they help to decompress your body without making any noise.

The 50” and 60” loungers are ideal for adults. The 50” lounger can seat 1-2 adults, while the 60” lounger can seat 2-3 adults. The 60” lounger is big enough to accommodate a living room or family room, and can even serve as an alternative to a sofa or couch.


7. Take Ten loungers are great for college students.


When it comes to dorm life, the 40” lounger is the ideal choice for college students. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, sized to fit bedrooms and tight spaces, and provides comfortable yet functional seating. Best of all, a Take Ten lounger will add a super cool, awesome, personal touch that their whole squad will be jealous of. (Maybe their squad will all buy loungers from each collection and become the “Element squad”…)


8. Take Ten loungers are also great for man caves.


Don’t know what to get your boyfriend or husband? Do you hate that gross chair he refuses to throw out? Or maybe you’re a guy that just wants a bean bag chair for chilling with your boys, watching the game, playing Call of Duty, or simply reading a good book.

Take Ten loungers are ideal for men for a number of reasons: They’re urban, modern, and can fit just about any themed room. They offer a designer look, while still being low maintenance and casual. They’re stain-resistant and machine-washable, so no need to stress about spilling food or drinks. Take Ten loungers are super comfortable and great for naps. Plus, big and tall guys don’t have to worry about the 60” lounger being too small.


9. A Take Ten lounger won’t break your bank.


The most expensive Take Ten lounger – the 60” - only costs $379. A similar bean bag chair from LoveSac costs 2-3 times that much.

At Take Ten Designs, we believe that modern luxury should be as affordable as possible for all those who desire it. Our lounger is the practical choice of bean bag chair for college students, young parents and working adults. The relaxation experience and quality of the Take Ten lounger is comparable – if not better than – to other bean bag chairs; while as a brand, we respect your wallet as much as we can.

10. A Take Ten lounger is the gift that keeps on giving.


No matter how you get your energy, Take Ten Designs believes everyone needs somewhere special to rest, daydream, create or meditate. It’s our intention to contribute to a positive living space where you can be inspired, refreshed, and in your preferred state of mind on a daily basis.

When you give someone a Take Ten lounger, you’re also contributing to their positive living space. You’re giving them a special space in their room or home, where they can go to feel better, relax, or be creative - over and over again. It might seem like just a bean bag chair to some, but a Take Ten lounger is really so much more.