At Take Ten Designs, we love the holiday season just as much as we love cozy, urban comfort. It’s the time of year when we can get creative with decorations and let everyone in on the fun! 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to turn your home into a haven of thankfulness with some affordable and easy do-it-yourself projects. In no particular order, here is our list of 10 cute DIY home projects for Thanksgiving:


1. Bleached Pinecone Ornaments

This idea, credited to StoneGable on Hometalk, is adaptable to multiple holidays simply by changing the color of the ribbon. Though not necessary, the bleaching process brightens the natural color of the pinecone, making it a bit more cheery. Add your choice of colored ribbon and hang from light fixtures to create a little festive elegance.




2. Acorn Treats

This idea comes from Becoming Martha. Let the kids go nuts with acorn treats, made from those leftover plastic Easter eggs that are always lying around. Kids will have a great time making these treat holders – with adult supervision, of course – and have an even better time passing them around to nibble on the goodies inside. Have a bunch available for the post-Thanksgiving meal when guests are ready to relax on your Take Ten loungers and pillows.




3. Thanksgiving Invitation

Planning to have a large Thanksgiving gathering? How about sending out beautiful handmade invitation, like these from Better Homes and Gardens, to friends and family? With a computer, some paper, glue, ribbon and artificial plant pieces, you can make a beautiful invitation that potential guests won’t be able to turn down.




4. Gumdrop Turkeys

Here’s another one the kids will enjoy along with adults. This little turkey treat (inspired by Design Wash Rinse Repeat, done by Pint Sized Baker) is adorable and delicious, with gumdrops, gummy worms and Nerds candy. Consider laying the needed supplies on plates alongside a few Take Ten pouf ottomans. Kids can go to town making colorful turkeys while parents watch and assist as needed. (And no need to worry - our ottomans are machine washable).



5. Be Thankful Utensil Holder

Searching for a little something extra to add to your Thanksgiving table? Give these utensil holders from Eighteen25 a shot (also found on The Idea Room). The “Be Thankful” patterns are available here (other versions on their blog), and the only other things you’ll need are some colored pencils and glue. When these little pockets are put together, they hold utensils and a napkin and can be placed directly on the table for guests.



6. Seasonal Sand Art

A seasonal sand art jar makes for a cute centerpiece for either – or both! – the adult and kid tables on Thanksgiving. Purchase whatever color sand matches your theme and alternate the layers. You can use different sizes and styles of jars to vary the look, but we suggest using similar colors of sand to keep the color scheme cohesive.

Another idea (from Taste of Home, blogged by DIY Ready) is to create centerpieces with brownie mix, layered like sand. That way, your family guests can take something home with them to make and remember the occasion throughout December. 



7. Pumpkin Votive Holders

Leave it to the Happier Home Maker to come up with a DIY candle holders made from seasonal pumpkins. If you’re not tired from creating Halloween Jack-o’-lanterns, try this: Use any size pumpkin, simply cut, clean and voila! It’s the perfect Thanksgiving votive holder – and these pumpkin votive holders will look gorgeous next to a lounger from our Lava Collection. 



 8. Corkboard Leaf Trivets

This idea comes courtesy of Our House on Meade. Spend a few bucks for a square or two of corkboard, and then use a pattern to draw out fall leaves to create functional and festive pot holders. Spread a few of the corkboard leaves around the Thanksgiving table on which to place hot dishes.



9. Thankful Tree

Want to be reminded of all the things to be thankful for? Try a thankful tree, which will help all your guests remember their blessings. Each guest writes one thing they’re grateful for on a paper ornament and the ornaments are hung on a tree branch anchored in a vase or pitcher. Friends and family can peek at the ornaments throughout the day and evening to remind themselves of everything they should be thankful for on Thanksgiving – and every day. (We're thankful for the great idea, Happy Housewife.)



10. Wooden Napkin Rings

The perfect complement for a home with wooden accents or Jungle Collection comfort furniture, these DIY wooden napkin rings from Camille Styles are a lovely element accent for a Thanksgiving table with all the fixings. The sleek and simple design is created from wooden veneer edging and can be personalized with names to help guests find their seats at dinner time.